The Alchemist

In ancient philosophical traditions, Alchemy was considered a powerful practise which gave practitioners the ability to transform base metals into gold. Wouldn’t it be nice if each of us found an Alchemist too, in our lives? Someone who could work with our ordinary selves, with all our biases, limitations, warts and all – and transform Read more about The Alchemist[…]

Search & Rescue –Treasure Hunt

Overview Photo Gallery Locations The time is ticking! A plane has just crashed on the Estate. Before it crashed the Pilot managed to successfully bail out. The Pilot is now believed to be injured and unable to move; he is now lying injured somewhere on the Estate. The plane had a ‘live’ nuclear device on Read more about Search & Rescue –Treasure Hunt[…]


At around 10 a.m., festivities begin with the first event of the Tomatina. It is the “Location Mostly – Mulashi DAM The goal is to climb a greased pole with rope and grab the of Coif/CAP on top. At the time of arrival, before game gets start, the crowd works into a frenzy of singing Read more about Tomatina[…]

Xtreme Forest Adventure: GPS on Foot Treasure Hunt

Overview Photo Gallery Locations   Be prepared to be pushed to the max! The Xtreme Forest Adventure is a GPS based, on foot Adventure Treasure Hunt with a twist. Teams are given a brief booklet – then the clock is set! A series of challenging team tasks awaits them! Team Leaders must navigate the group Read more about Xtreme Forest Adventure: GPS on Foot Treasure Hunt[…]

Biking – Where Rubber hits the road!

Close your eyes for a moment…. Now remember the last time you were on a bike. Maybe you were riding it yourself – maybe you were riding pillion. When was that? As a student maybe – at college? Stay with the moment. Feel the breeze run through your hair… That feeling of total freedom and Read more about Biking – Where Rubber hits the road![…]

Survival – Where nature conspires!

What does it take to traverse a foot cable with the use of dangling ropes 20 Feet above the ground? What crosses your mind when you have to let go of your fears and swing across a swaying cable that looks precariously poised to send you hurtling across a gurgling stream below? How much can Read more about Survival – Where nature conspires![…]

On Road Treasure Hunt

Overview Photo Gallery Locations   On Road Treasure Hunts in Pune, Lavasa, Mulshi, Sinhgad, Tamhini, Lonavala, This unbelievable day is a very exciting on-road treasure hunt using our fleet of road-going 4×4 vehicles, with drivers at the wheel. Participants drive a surprise route, whilst following tailored road books, clues and hints. The event starts Read more about On Road Treasure Hunt[…]

Velocipeche – Touching hearts the fun way

One of the fondest childhood memories for many of us is probably the day we received our very first bicycle, wrapped with a big bow around the handlebars. Many of us still recall very fondly the many hours spent outside, cycling around with friends. But for many impoverished families throughout India, it can be tough Read more about Velocipeche – Touching hearts the fun way[…]

Sand Castle

Ever wondered why children can spend long hours at the beach playing with sand and building sandcastles? It is their way of being imaginative and exploring their creative selves. New research around PLAY behavior in children now reveals to us an important lesson: That when children play and create in the outer world, simultaneously they Read more about Sand Castle[…]

Geocaching (GPS Hunter)

Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunting game played throughout the world by adventure seekers equipped with GPS devices. Youphoria Outbound & Adventure has brings you this increasingly popular sport, integrating it with innovative corporate team-building adventures to fuel team spirit and achieve corporate excellence. If you’re on the hunt for a dynamic, unique team-building program, Read more about Geocaching (GPS Hunter)[…]

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