Blind Tent Pitching

Blind Tent Pitching is a great way to illustrate the importance of communication, collaboration and seeing a job through from inception to completion. Working in small groups, teams will be tasked with the job of erecting a 2-man tent. Sounds simple! Here’s the twist; all team members bar one will be blindfolded and they’ll have Read more about Blind Tent Pitching[…]

Bricks and Planks

TASK FOR TEAM: TO CROSS THE TEAM FROM STARTING POINT TO FINISH. RULES AS FOLLOWS: No part of the body can touch the ground. The team to move on wooden/Bamboo planks only. Only 2 persons are permitted on the wooden plank at any one time and one person on the bamboo plank. Penalty of 05 Read more about Bricks and Planks[…]

Johari Window

The Johari window is a technique created in 1955 by two American psychologists, Joseph Luft (1916–2014) and Harrington Ingham (1914–1995), used to help people better understand their relationship with self and others. It is used primarily in self-help groups and corporate settings as a heuristic exercise. When performing the exercise, subjects are given a list Read more about Johari Window[…]

Team Building For High Performance

Team building is not something you born with is something you learned with. Passion of every individuals to lead themselves is not enough through your daily process it supposed to be involve with, you look at your floor full of employee none of them making enough output they are suppose to do, Actually they do Read more about Team Building For High Performance[…]

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