Global Grooves

Put on your dancing shoes and sample the multi-cultural delights of rhythm and movement. There are few things in the world which highlight the beauty of people coming together like the art of dance. From the most remote villages to sprawling metropolises, dancing celebrates our differences and displays the power of many moving as one. Global Read more about Global Grooves[…]

Street Beat

It’s a festival of fun! There are few experiences as engaging as a spectacular street festival. Combining entertainment and energy, these urban carnivals are a feast of sound and color. In Street Beat, teams get to create their own celebration whilst honing in on important conference messages. To begin with, talented choreographers and percussionists will lead Read more about Street Beat[…]

Rock Dhol

Team-building rocks! Music is perhaps mankind’s greatest invention – a unifying, inspirational phenomenon, it is the food of the soul and knows no racial, cultural or language barriers. In Rock Dhol, teams will each create a soundtrack for inclusion on the final company CD. Qualified musicians will guide participants through the ins and outs of percussion, Read more about Rock Dhol[…]

Revel Music

Drum up some inspiration for your participants with this powerful team-building activity. The drum has been a tool of human communication for millennia throughout the world. Despite its simplicity of construction, a drum has the power to stir multiple emotions through the power, and subtlety, of its rhythms. In more recent times, it has been proven Read more about Revel Music[…]


An incredible team-based musical experience which reaches an unforgettable Crescendo task. What if we told you there is a 90-minute exercise which will turn your group, regardless of any musical ability, into a real Youphoria orchestra? Sounds crazy, right? Welcome to Orchestrate!, a spectacular team-building experience that will unite your people and have them working in Read more about Orchestrate[…]


Free your team with an elegant exercise that hits all the right notes. The creators of ‘Orchestrate’ have done it again with this uplifting and unique classical team-building experience. Crescendo is tailored specifically to fit into a busy conference schedule, taking place in a single room with virtually no disruption. A pair of experienced tutors Read more about Crescendo[…]

Beast Work

Drum up some fun on a grand scale with this plethora of percussion Beats Work transports your group to the streets of Rio for a team-building experience infused with the infections rhythms of samba joy. Each individual joins together to create a giant percussion band, playing in time and on cue. At the beginning, each Read more about Beast Work[…]

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