Commercial break

Commercial break is more of creativity and efficiency test activity, which gives you an exact idea of how efficient and creative you are and how you can be. Testing abilities time to time s always been an effective method among the big group, since people are rushing for single task but not everyone or every Read more about Commercial break[…]

Shirt painting – Creative team building workshop

Perfect shape of brush in hand and different colors of paint, fabric painting is the perfect way to unwind! We can make our fabric painting team building sessions as easy or as complicated as you like, from merely painting in various colors, to advanced brush techniques, mixing paints and color theory! We have designs to Read more about Shirt painting – Creative team building workshop[…]

Screen test

Screen test – Screen Test presents an extremely flexible format that allows teams to explore company issues in a fun context. Teams are allotted with time for prep. And each team begins with a short film short movie clip. Most importantly, the original dialogue has been removed from the footage. Given a specific company related Read more about Screen test[…]

Fashion show

Put your Swagger on the runway – along with your magic dress, in The Fashion Show Game is high couture of creativity that culminates in a runway-style fashion show. Craft the outfit of your dreams and be the beauty pageant!   The Fashion Show Game is a creativity rapid exercise is involvement of different phases. Read more about Fashion show[…]

Mad Ad

Creatively crafted and design though have a way to elaborate in action, MAD AD exercise is best of its category. Specially exercise skill of every individual and their creativity, efficiency, clarity on thought. After giving serious though we YOUPHORIA HOSPITALITY & OUTDOORS have come to understanding of being MAD about thoughts. Yes! If you can Read more about Mad Ad[…]

Animal Squad

ANIMAL SQUAD – Activity does give us a Goosebumps, isn’t it? Yes! Only imagination of it, and you are into a better than any other MAD activity. Simply teams are allotted with few task in which team gets gamified level to climb the ladder, start from simple to back breaking three step game where initiate Read more about Animal Squad[…]

Big Picture

It’s a stroke of genius – you just need to see The Big Picture. The greatest teams are those that come together through the sharing of common goals to create a masterpiece. In The Big Picture, teamwork lays the foundation for the creation of a collective work of art. For this exercise, participants are initially divided Read more about Big Picture[…]

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