Quiz is just game of knowledge nothing more, If want to make your place to be secured at your group you need to be different. Quiz start with anything President, City of lake, City of love – OHHHH THAT’S SEEMS EVERYONE’S FEVERET, City of Motor then you can get it done with your team if Read more about Quiz[…]


Everything is important in this immortal universe so as you. Every human being wanted to be treated well but sometime something goes wrong have you ever noticed that? Why is it? What it is? That particular people don’t like or someone don’t like particularly. Some people don’t like your way of talking, voice tone, the Read more about Mimicry[…]

Calling The Shot

Have any ever written your own rap? – YES!!! Then you are going to lead the team yes this the  debate in two teams, Topic will be given to you at the time of discussion you have 5 min to think choose one topic out of three. Facilitator will give you the head start or Read more about Calling The Shot[…]

We Can Do It

This is not the outside power gifted by the god but inside the every human being called WILL POWER. Test the man with his interest and out of a curiosity the results would shown tremendous and outrage performance than the one you expected without his will. 6 people can lift the 160 pound person with Read more about We Can Do It[…]

Traffic Management

We examine the effectiveness of the situation awareness problem questions in prediction sector performance and behavior in a human-in-the-loop simulation and handling. Simulation with low and high density, Problem would be shared with the facilitator before the program and accuracy and response latencies would be measure. Hierarchical linear module will be used to analyze the Read more about Traffic Management[…]

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