Sync or swim

Energetic and fun, this is Synchronized Swimming like you’ve never seen it before! (Absolutely NO water used). With all the pomp and grandeur of the Olympic Games, Sync or Swim transforms your participants into a squad of swimmers training to bring home the gold. Winning a medal will take work; each team must plan, rehearse and Read more about Sync or swim[…]

One voice

Welcome to a team-building experience that will have your group working in perfect harmony. One Voice harnesses the power of song to ensure your people are, literally, singing from the same hymn sheet. Full of inspiration and sure to give your group a new-found confidence and belief in each other, this is a challenge that hits Read more about One voice[…]

Corporate Body | Face building – Body Painting

Paint the whole body and make a design Show your staff that they’re part of the big picture! People are undoubtedly the greatest asset of every organization. Each individual has a vital role to play in how it operates and is perceived. Corporate Bodybuilding emphasizes this truth in a spectacular way and brings people together in Read more about Corporate Body | Face building – Body Painting[…]

Virtual Volleyball

Experience the energy, agony and ecstasy of international football from the perspective of devoted, and noisy, fans. There’s nothing quite like the atmosphere of an international football match. Two sets of passionate fans create an engrossing soundtrack which enhances the action on the pitch. In Fever Pitch, a group is split into two teams: Reds and Read more about Virtual Volleyball[…]


Fast, fun and action packed series of 60 second challenges Program outline Inspired by TV game shows, the Win It in a Minute program is full of excitement and nail biting moments as your teams battle it out in various and bizarre 60 second challenges. As facilitators reveal each challenge, teams consult amongst themselves and Read more about JAM[…]

Human Knots

Standing in a circle, group members reach across and shake hands – use hand connecting to a different person. The group then tries to unravel the “human knot” by unthreading their bodies without letting go of each other people’s hands. e aware that the activity involves close physical proximity and touch potentially in sensitive places!  Read more about Human Knots[…]

Balloon Bursting

Instructions: This unfortunately requires quite a bit of preparation, but it is worth it for the amusement of watching people play the ice breaker. Each person has a balloon on a string tied to their ankle; the string needs to be fairly long, at least a couple of feet (60cm). The object of the game Read more about Balloon Bursting[…]

Mumbai Local

Have you ever been to Mumbai? Then you must have had a wonderful experience of Mumbai Local, Local trains are a life of mumbai. You just have to stand in queue let the whole team gathered at same platform, select the route, blow whistle the, give an instructions, Instructions for stations, station master will instruct Read more about Mumbai Local[…]

We can do – warm up

Unlock the powerful secrets of your will power with this relaxing mind and body experience. The art of Will Power encourages and improves assertiveness, self-confidence and general wellbeing. This workout is the ideal way to Youphoria Outbound & Adventure participants’ minds as well as promoting good health. A trained facilitator will put the participants through Read more about We can do – warm up[…]

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