Domino Effect

Who will have the steadier hand? What are the greater ideas for creativity and innovation? Will your team be able to ensure that every element is going to work; it might be a good idea to do some prototyping before the final event! The Domino Effect is truly fun, exciting with strong underlying team building Read more about Domino Effect[…]

JAM (Just a Minute)

Fast, fun and action packed series of 60 second challenges Program outline Inspired by TV game shows, the Win It In A Minute program is full of excitement and nail biting moments as your teams battle it out in various and bizarre 60 second challenges. As facilitators reveal each challenge, teams consult amongst themselves and Read more about JAM (Just a Minute)[…]

Sound Crowd

Creatively using wireless headphones generates massive amounts of fun, engagement and interaction Program outline Sound Crowd is a lively icebreaker that generates 100% engagement and gets every participant moving, grooving and grinning. Imagine the outcome from everyone interacting and laughing as they meet and greet each other in a totally unique format where no verbal Read more about Sound Crowd[…]

Head to the Toe – Head close to toe

Connect Mind to Body as you energize from Head to Toe Program outline – Head to Toe is an informal, non-threatening energizer which educates participants on how to achieve personal health and mindfulness during their working day. Investing in the health and wellbeing of your workforce has a proven return. When they periodically Youphoria Outbound Read more about Head to the Toe – Head close to toe[…]

Full House

Energetic and fun, this game is all about communication and will leave your people feeling like all the cards are stacked in their favor. With the seemingly ever-increasing popularity of all forms of poker, why not introduce your participants to a unique game that benefits everyone? Full House is a fantastic icebreaker which forces participants to Read more about Full House[…]

Tabular tunes – Team-building through percussion – beat that!

In Tubular Tunes, your participants will unite and interact in a fun and energy-filled challenge grounded in the power of music. Cost-effective and an excellent icebreaker, this is an event which hits all the right notes. Perfectly-tuned and brightly-colored tubular ‘instruments’ are all that’s required for your group to produce beautiful music together. Varying from one Read more about Tabular tunes – Team-building through percussion – beat that![…]

Meditation – Audio | Video

Ensure your participants are ‘in the zone’ during your conference with this short mind- relaxation experience. The modern world can be a stressful place. Each delegate attending your conference enters with their mind clouded by worries, both personal and professional. Meditation offers the perfect opportunity to Youphoria Outbound & Adventure your people’s minds, allowing them to Read more about Meditation – Audio | Video[…]

Sound FX – make a wacky noises of cars or birds

A team-building experience with a very unique soundtrack, Sound effects play a huge role in modern cinema. They add an extra, crucial layer that enhances our enjoyment and appreciation of a film. Sound FX lets your participants get truly involved in this process as they are challenged to create their own varied sounds for a wild car Read more about Sound FX – make a wacky noises of cars or birds[…]

The Picture

Give your brand a very personal touch. An organization’s greatest asset is its people, the lifeblood which gives every company its identity and defines its perception to the outside world. Like a living logo, your people represent your brand in everything they do. In The Picture is a fun experience which celebrates this truth and brings Read more about The Picture[…]

Body Rap

Slap yourself out of it! This is group rhythm with a colorful twist. There’s nothing quite like some wacky fun to encourage team-building. Body Rap allows participants to done some colorful gloves and make music together using just their bodies. This quick and quirky game loosens people up in an environment of off-the-wall bonding. This hilarious Read more about Body Rap[…]

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