Key Notes

Have very little time at hand; say just two hours – which you want to plug in with an interesting speaker session? And you are worried that conventional speakers could put people to sleep? Look no further than Youphoria Outbound & Adventure! Our Youphoria Outbound & Adventure facilitators, bring in their vast experience in handling Read more about Key Notes[…]

Leadership Prospective

FOUR LEADERSHIP INSIGHTS FROM THE DEEP BLUE Here is a question for you: “When was the last time you did something for the first time”? If you have never experienced Scuba-Diving, you really are missing out on an ocean (literally!) of adventure and the associated treasure-trove of knowledge.       Executive Presence – 5 Read more about Leadership Prospective[…]

The leadership challenge® – Does leadership make a difference?

Your business environment that once got tougher year after year now gets tougher day after day. Surviving in a changing economy and marketplace, working more efficiently, delivering solid customer service, meeting the demands of organizational stakeholders, and maintaining quality control are just a few of the key issues you face. Gaining a competitive advantage in Read more about The leadership challenge® – Does leadership make a difference?[…]

Team alignment – Building Synergy in Teams

Teamwork seems the most natural thing to most people – and yet, it is something that needs deliberate effort and intent to make it happen. The biggest challenge for Team leaders is to get everyone in the team aligned towards the same goals – and share the same values. While building alignment and a great Read more about Team alignment – Building Synergy in Teams[…]

Strategic facilitation – Strategic Facilitation

The collective time of senior leadership teams is very valuable indeed for any organization. Hence whenever there is any offsite being contemplated for such teams, there is a lot of thought and planning that naturally goes into the same. The twin objectives of such meetings are very often: 1)The harder aspect – which is to discuss Read more about Strategic facilitation – Strategic Facilitation[…]

Real Time Strategy -For Better and Faster Decision Making

Leading a business, organization or team today is very similar to driving on an unknown road full of twists and turns. It’s dark. It’s foggy. You can’t stop or slow down, because if you do, you will miss opportunities and goals. In this kind of situation you have to heed all signs and be ready Read more about Real Time Strategy -For Better and Faster Decision Making[…]

Visioning workshop – A Facilitated Journey

In a 1996 HBR article, James Collins and Jerry Porras showed that companies with a strong sense of vision had outperformed the others in the stock market by a factor of 12 since 1925! Vision reflects what we care most about and is derived from our sense of purpose and values. It provides meaning, attracts Read more about Visioning workshop – A Facilitated Journey[…]

Value exploration – Clarifying What really matters

In their path breaking book, “The Leadership Challenge”, by Kouzes & Posner – there is an intriguing passage which is quite profound: “The very first step on the journey to credible leadership is clarifying your values – discovering those fundamental beliefs that will guide your decisions and actions along the path to success and significance. Read more about Value exploration – Clarifying What really matters[…]

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