CCC – Corporate Challenge Cup

Greater the Obstacle, Closer to Exhilaration   100 PASSIONATE participants…! Split to COMPETE into 20 teams of 5…! A 3 day EXTRAVAGANZA…! 6 STIMULATING challenges…! 1 GLORIFIC winner team…! 3 EXCITING prizes for winner, 1st runner-up and 2nd runner up…! Objectives To explore the change in physical & mental robustness to face challenges To identify Read more about CCC – Corporate Challenge Cup[…]

Big Picture

It’s a stroke of genius – you just need to see The Big Picture. The greatest teams are those that come together through the sharing of common goals to create a masterpiece. In The Big Picture, teamwork lays the foundation for the creation of a collective work of art. For this exercise, participants are initially divided Read more about Big Picture[…]


Everyone is too familiar with the name but here you need to follow our rule, cick the ball with hands instead foot.   Lots of fun enjoyment and the coordination because you need to call the name to hit the ball and another person has to hit the ball and again he has to bring Read more about Football[…]

Open Lake Swimming

You have leverage for open lake swimming, that either you can go for open lake swimming after Raft building or post water activities, Open lake swimming will help to build a team and coordination, Help yo the other team member if needed, You can find out the best out of the least, Get to know Read more about Open Lake Swimming[…]

Key Notes

Have very little time at hand; say just two hours – which you want to plug in with an interesting speaker session? And you are worried that conventional speakers could put people to sleep? Look no further than Youphoria Outbound & Adventure! Our Youphoria Outbound & Adventure facilitators, bring in their vast experience in handling Read more about Key Notes[…]

Night navigation – Find the way out.

First – you need some really good lights, everyone on the team should have a decent headlamp and also one good hand light. Invest in decent lights – if you buy cheap lights you will end up spending more money as you replace them. It does take CR123 batteries which are expensive if you buy Read more about Night navigation – Find the way out.[…]

Drums and Planks

Equipment: 3 x drums and one plank. To get the team from the start to the finish point without anyone touching the ground in between. Plank is placed upon the top of the three drums and team stand on top of the plank. No one is allowed to touch the floor between the start and Read more about Drums and Planks[…]

Leadership Prospective

FOUR LEADERSHIP INSIGHTS FROM THE DEEP BLUE Here is a question for you: “When was the last time you did something for the first time”? If you have never experienced Scuba-Diving, you really are missing out on an ocean (literally!) of adventure and the associated treasure-trove of knowledge.       Executive Presence – 5 Read more about Leadership Prospective[…]

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