Ambiguity Management Program

Resort based day program for 25 to 100 participants, to transform teams to deal with ambiguities.

The Emerging Scenario. For radio to reach 50 million people, it took 38 years,  for television, it took only 13 years and the World Wide Web did it in just 5 years. Computer processing cost has fallen drastically to one-hundredth of 1 % of 1970s. Today’s automobiles have more computer processing power than the first lunar landing craft. What next?

9/11 changed the Aviation industry overnight, Dot comes went through boom and bust, Oil prices are unstable and Economies volatile. What next?

Consequent Realignment. Emerging Technologies have the potential to create a new industry or transform an existing one. Add to it, a dynamic and unpredictable environmental impact. There is an ever increasing danger of Disruptive Change. In organizations today, knowledge worker is the norm, technical and human components are inextricably blended and jobs less tightly defined. Customers, directly and regularly, influence work within the organization, and Teams produce the basic units of work rather than individuals. What next?

Managing the Transition. Managers all over the world are going through many common difficulties for making the transition from Established Technology to Emerging Technology and through the environmental impacts like Globalization and IT Revolution. Technical platforms, Innovations, Dynamic Environments and Market conditions make forecasting difficult. Complexity, Uncertainty and Ambiguity have become the norm. How do we manage Ambiguity in this rapidly changing environment?

Youphoria has tailored an Experiential Training Program which Youphoria Outbound & Adventures on Managing Ambiguity through Creativity, Innovation and Team Synergy. The program Youphoria Outbound & Adventures on bringing about a transformation to rethink and retool strategies and approaches to leverage ambiguity to leap ahead in competition.

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