Adventure Treasure Hunt

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Time Spam: 3 Hours

Location: LAVASA


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Treassure Hunt

Will divide whole group in to teams

Everyone should be the part of Team

Will start with minimum member introduction – Ice breaking

Rules and regulation – which are mandatory to follow all participants

One instructor at each Activity Location

Every team has a separate clue and instruction sheet, Activities will be same but completion cycle would be separate

Activity has to get complete as per instruction – one mistake 10 mark deduction.

Location and navigation team has to approach to the right location

Pick up only your clue out of 20 clues

Get the 6th Clue with help of Rappelling

Pick up final clue

Gather in time to the mentioned destination and time

Handover all the clues and points to instructor after calculation previous clues you won’t get the final task clue.



  • Every team has separate Activity completion cycle
  • If team Approached to the wrong activity place 10 Marks deduction for each mistake
  • Each activity has a nominal rule, if fail to follow 10 marks deduction
  • Team couldn’t concentrate on completion of activity and if done a mistake they have to start all over again (Only Activity)
  • Separate Navigation Route to the final Treasure
  • If fail to pick correct need to go back and choose your own
  • Reach to final destination and get final clue and search the treasure

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